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My Custom Jeweler asks everyone ! Why spend more money on a ring , Necklace, earrings ,chains than you have to? Purchase you very own jewelry from My Custom Jeweler and get the most out of your money. Many of our rings, Earrings , Necklaces Chains & Gemstones , are under wholesale cost. You can get rings for less then retails jewelers pay! In fact we have sold rings to many jewelers. Even the owners of all the Value Pawns in the areas purchase their ring from My Custom Jeweler inventory ! Let My Custom Jeweler provide you the best customer service & your very own jewelry ! The way you want it made and the look you want to wear .

We Don't Buy Molds or Casts

My Customer Jeweler doesn’t buy molds or casts: he designs everything himself. He specializes in custom pieces, waxing, casts, stone setting, diamonds (both certified and non-certified). Bring us any design and we’ll match it and give you a price that you can afford. This is the place to buy your special someone that Diamond. We work with everyone and he’ll do whatever he can to make all your dreams come true!

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