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Just when you think you’ve run into “just another jewelry store” you’ll find Rossario’s Fine Jewelry in Batavia, IL. Owner, Mario Rossario Aliano, opened up his Wood dale store at the age of 19. He takes pride in skillfully crafting the finest in custom and traditional designs.  He also strives for excellence as an accomplished goldsmith. He’s very passionate about his business. He makes sure everyone that leaves his store has a smile on there face!

  • Cash For Gold
  • Great Prices on All Our Jewelry
  • We Work With Everyone
  • #1 Customer Service
  • We Fix Everything!

What Sets Rossario’s Apart?

Mario doesn’t buy molds or casts: he designs everything himself. He specializes in custom pieces, waxing, casts, stone setting, diamonds (both certified and non-certified). Bring us any design and we’ll match it and give you a price that you can afford. This is the place to buy your special someone that Diamond. We work with everyone and he’ll do whatever he can to make all your dreams come true!
  • We sell all diamonds at wholesale prices
  • We specialize in custom making all engagement rings.
  • Whatever you want to spend, we’ll get you done!
For $2.99 your battery will be replaced while you wait. Rossario’s is a full service jewelry store meaning that nothing gets shipped out for repairs. Everything is done on site and all work is completed to the highest of standards. WE FIX EVERYTHING!!! If needed we can repair as you wait.
Rossario’s offers great prices on all our jewelry. We are willing to work with our customers to offer the best price possible. Mario also places a huge emphasis on customer service. “You are a guest to us. We don’t want you to leave feeling ripped off.” walk into Rossario’s one day and they’re likely to remember your name and face for your next service.

Our classes are fast, dynamic and Hands-On, with real world case scenarios at all times. We know that when you make the decision of enrolling in a jewelry making school, you make an investment of time and money. You can be confident that when you join Rossarios School of Jewelry you are making the right decision! We now offer our classes on the weekends; please call us for more information.


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